The Inaugural Voyage. (Part 1)

It has been some time anticipating the first Voyage for the “Salty Dog”. Infact I have been looking forward to this day for years, before I even acquired the vessel.

Recently I watched the movie (The Green Lantern) I know , a weird reference, right? and it made me wonder!

If you are familiar with this movie, then you know that the ring of the green lanterns, actually seek out their masters, The rings will travel by themselves when a master is about to perish in search of their next master, whom will become United with the ring and become the next “Green Lantern”. This made me wonder about my new vessel, why?

Well this past winter, I was not actively looking for a new boat, at least not at that time. Salty Dog, formally named, (Groovin) was offered to me by a good friend of mine over this past winter. In fact the odds were definitely not in my favor to acquire her at all. At the time, I was not working, I was on Unemployment (which I haven’t been on for over 20 years), my cash was going towards household Bill’s. However, never the less, the boat was offered at a price that was too hard to pass up, and an agreement made. Before I knew it, I was the proud new owner of a vessel that would soon become the new “Salty Dog”

Now Salty Dog, actually started its voyage over 2 years ago, in search of a new Captain, she came from a family up near Huntsville who had obviously taken very good care of her. She was on route to auction, headed to Windsor and eastern Ontario when my friend Brian was approached and asked if he was interested in purchasing her. Although Brian wasn’t really looking for a boat, he didn’t hesitate when the offer seemed too good to be true for such a fine vessel. Apparently the previous owner may have got a dirty look and some words were exchanged by his misses about the agreed upon price LOL. So instead of going towards Windsor, she was now doing a 180° turn and heading towards The Quinte region. Now Groovin Although she has needed some TLC mostly due to the fact she had been sitting on dry land for nearl 2 seasons before I finally got a hold of her. She had made her way to this area, put herself in the right circumstance to make sure I found her. This is why I say she reminded me of the Green Lantern movie. She had been searching for a master or (captain), and it took her very close to 2 years to finally get a hold of one,

Anyway so since my last vessel (Sea’s The Day # 2) had its misshap in Picton almost 2 years ago ( around the same time Salty Dog started her voyage to find me) I have been dreaming of the day I would be able to put another one of my own vessels back in the water and begin boating once again.


I had described in one of my latest blogs

Link – ( )

that I have changed my priorities and need to switch my set up on this new vessel. Instead of using this vessel as a fishing boat, to set her up as a navigation/ pleasure/ &personal fishing vessel. I intend on using this vessel primarily with my wife to explore the St Lawrence river, and Lake Ontario. However for the first run My wonderful wife will not be on the old Salty Dog.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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