Another day another dive, on old Lady, Lake Ontario

Today was my second trip with ABUSC Scuba Charters. On Lake Ontario.

Located out of Waupoose Ontario is where the newest vessel to the ABUSC Scuba Charters resides. 1 of 5 boats the company operates, it is currently the only dive boat on the eastern End of Lake Ontario that actually Opperates within the open waters of the Lake. Their other boats are located within the St Lawrence seaway and the cover areas from Kingston Ontario to Brockville Ontario.

I have taken on a part time gig to Captain this vessel out of Waupoose as a relief Captain to help out the Owner get a little down time on occasion throughout the summer.

Today we went to 2 dive locations. The Olive Branch, and the Katie Eccles

Now I’m new to this but I was very impressed by one of our Divers (first name Mark) as he was a blind diver. This was so interesting as he had 2 other divers to help him feel his way around the wreck here is a picture of Mark after getting into the water.

Another passenger taking the plunge to The Katie Eccles.

The day went very well and everyone ( once out of the water) said the sites were great, and not a moment too soon either. Approximately 2 minutes after everyone was aboard, the winds seemed to pick up as we headed back to port (Waupoose) we took our time through the 1 meter swells and I think everyone was happy when they hit land.

Pic is at the Bow of the boat with waves crashing over the bow. (The pic does not do it justice lol)

Still a great day and look forward to captaining her again soon.

Thanks for reading and here are some more pics from today.