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Back in the CAPTAINS seat

So yesterday on the 13 of July I started a new part time job. Of course I am still working as a Mate (or 1st Officer) full time (ish) on the Glenora ferry however, yesterday I started as a P/T relief Captain for a dive boat out of Waupoose marina.

For the first day I found it a very interesting job indeed. For our first dive, the clients had requested a site that had not been dove this season, and probably not for years by the looks of things. The owner of the boat and Captain let her clients know that there was no tag line or Mooring at the site and that one of the divers would have to go down find the sunken mooring line and send it to the surface with a inflatable bag.

The passengers seemed happy with this plan and we set off for the Manola dive site.

The Manola

Once there and set up, the most experienced driver was sent down to find the site. It did take some time of course, but eventually a bag was sent to the surface and the rest of the divers were able to dive the site.

During the dive the winds picked up significantly and we still had no Mooring line to tie to, so I was forced to try and keep the boat as steady as possible while the divers finished out their dive.

Once everyone was back aboard safely and a head count was done, we set off for a second site.


So the second site was the Annie Falconer, a much easier site to dive as there was a Mooring line already attached to this site, and it was in much more sheltered waters, so less wavy lol. So all I had to do was approach the Mooring slowly as the owner and fist Mate tied off to it and then the divers did their thing lol.

Once the divers were back aboard it was time to head back to the marina, approx a 40 minute steam and I was able to dock the boat safely and the owner officially welcomed me to the team as her new relief Captain.

I’m not gonna lie, it was nice to sit in the Captains seat once again, it has been a couple years now since my boat took a fatal attack and I could call myself captain, and let me tell you, it feels goooooooood lol. Cheers all.

The Annie Falconer